Partner Countries


The Manager Training Programme financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy prepares executives from Uzbekistan for business relations and economic cooperation with German companies with benefit for both parties.
Each year, around 20 executives from Uzbekistan take part in the practice-oriented training. Priority is given to the small- and medium-size companies who wish to establish contact with German firms.
After successfully passing an interview the selected participants are invited to a one month training programme in Germany.
All training and company visits in Germany are carried out under the motto “Fit for Partnership with Germany”. The participants acquire knowledge and skills in the field of management, gain insights to a German way of doing business and establish contacts with German colleagues.
The secret of programme’s success is the right mix of management training and business practice.

Achievements and perspectives

Until now more than 400 executives from Uzbekistan took part in the Manager Training Programme.The results are extremely promising so far: already at end of training in Germany participants make concrete cooperation projects. Due to the Programme Uzbek entrepreneurs improved their human resource management, created new work places and increased the annual turnover by decreasing costs and buying new equipment. They initiated new business projects i.a. export and import.

Bilateral agreements between Germany and Uzbekistan

The bilateral agreement between Germany and Uzbekistan on the Manager Training Programme is signed till the end of 2021. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is appointed General Manager for coordination from the German side. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan coordinates the Programme on the Uzbek side.