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Partner countries

The partnership programme for business cooperation in currently 17 countries

Here you can find general information about our partnership-based approach and an overview of our partner countries

Strengthening economic relations, establishing networks in a spirit of partnership

For 25 years, Partnering in Business with Germany has matched middle and top managers from Germany and abroad with the goal of establishing long-lasting cross-border business cooperation. 17 developing and emerging countries are currently taking part in the programme. The programme is being expanded to include new partner countries as needed. The broad network of alumni associations connects participants with a broad range of contacts – even after the programme has ended.

The programme has considerable economic value for the partner countries. Applications are handled by the government of the partner country and its implementing organisations; the same goes for the selection of qualified companies and the preparation of the participants for the programme.

More information on the priority areas in bilateral programme implementation, focus on particular industries in the application process and contacts can be found on the individual country subpages.

Our partner countries

More information on the application process, economic priorities and contacts can be found on the individual country subpages.

What’s new in Partnering in Business with Germany?

Learn more about the sectors which are currently in high demand and where company visits have already been organised. Learn more about successful cooperation projects of programme alumni.