Natural Remedies for Uzbekistan

Nika Pharm Servis GmbH based in Tashkent is a producer and distributor of medicines and food supplements. The company owns OXYmed, the largest and most modern pharmacy chain in the country, and further firms in the field of pharmaceutics. 500 of the roughly 700 employees work in the pharmacies. Together, they generated about 200 million... Read More


Uzbekistan – Digital Society Awakens

There is a new driving force behind Uzbekistan’s digital economy., a young, up and coming IT company, has followed the international market's lead and founded a start-up accelerator to mentor young tech talent. The next Twitter or Instagram might well emerge from Central Asia in the not too distant future if Yelena Seleznyova, MP... Read More


Uzbekistan’s Textile Industry and German Technology

The textile and clothing sector will be remaining one of Uzbekistan's most important industries for foreign investment and cooperation in future. State-based modernisation programmes are supporting the growth in the domestic textile industry. The search for new technologies has led Schachzoda Egamberdiewa, the representative of the respective authority in Uzbekistan, to Germany. Tashkent. Schachzoda Egamberdiewa... Read More


Dishold Hudayberdiev – German equipment for new Uzbek university

Dishold Hudayberdiev is assistant to the managing director of General Motors Uzbekistan, which belongs to the Uzbek trade association, Uzavtoprom. All manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters active in the automotive industry belong to Uzavtoprom, which - among other things - co-ordinates a series of economic and social projects that experienced General Motors Uzbekistan employees are... Read More


Askar Kadirov – Launch of a new company thanks to management know-how

Askar Kadirov applied to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme when he was still the regional director of food manufacturer, Green World. He came to Germany with the clear aim of subsequently setting up his own company. His aim was to enhance his management skills, establish new contacts, and learn more about EU certification... Read More


Shukhrat Aliev – Top-quality leather goods according to ISO 9001 standards through a German-Uzbek co-operation

Shukhrat Aliev is responsible for production and retail at the trade association of the Uzbek shoe and leather goods industry, Oz’bekcharmpoyabzali. Over 120 companies belonging to the association manufacture leather, artificial leather and leather goods for shoes, sports articles and clothing The companies require different chemicals such as polyurethane and tannins in the manufacture and... Read More