Hidden Champion Thanks to Specialisation and Service

[12.02.2020] The Turkmen MP group visited the German hidden champion Dinse GmbH. There they learned how to operate successfully worldwide, despite low personnel costs, and why good service is so important for SMEs. "This welder is the result of the German vocational training system – he could write with this welding machine! You could see... Read More


A Pioneer in Poultry Farming

[18.04.2019] The largest closed-loop poultry farm in Turkmenistan is developing with the support of German technology. An ultra-modern facility for the production of poultry meat is being built in the Gökdepe District, roughly 65 kilometres from the Turkmen capital Ashgabat. The family-run business, Maksada Okgunly, is investing nine million euros in this innovative project, which... Read More


Turnover tripled through clever management

If companies wish to grow, they must recruit employees. And learn to delegate. These, says Shykhmyrat Ovezov, are the two most important lessons that he learned in Germany. Ashgabat. The 36-year-old oil and gas engineer has been offering services for his industry since 2012. In 2013, he won a tender that opened up some great... Read More


Arslan Durdyyev, Atamurat Matgeldiyev – BMWi Manager Training Programme supports the development of medium-sized companies

“Being in a highly developed country like Germany enabled me to considerably improve my management and leadership skills. This was of great help and support for me, and was exactly what I needed for my own company,” Arslan Durdyyev says of his participation in the BMWi Manager Training Programme. When he decided to take part... Read More