Taking Off for Europe

With an annual growth rate of 17 per cent, the Mexican aerospace industry is among the fastest growing markets in Latin America. According to estimates by the Mexican Office for Economic Affairs, it will be in tenth place worldwide by 2020. The aviation industry is located primarily in selected federal states, including Baja California, on... Read More


Mexican Honey for Germany

Elisabeth Rosado is not your typical entrepreneur. At the age of 17, she decided that she wanted to study anthropology. She never imagined that she would one day take over the family business and that the work would even fascinate her. Today she is 32 and knows pretty much every beekeeper on the Mexican Yucatan... Read More


“No Unique Recipe for Success Concerning Industry 4.0”

Luis H. Sánchez Ocampo is a project manager in the automotive industry. He has studied in Spain, Mexico and the U.S.A. Three years ago he and his father founded Metalistik, a tool making works. In the following interview he reflects on his experiences, new plans and investments in connection with industry 4.0. GIZ: Mr. Sánchez,... Read More


Building trust

Washing up brushes from Mexico gaining ground in Germany Carcal is a Mexican family-run business with an over sixty-year history that specialises in the production of cleaning brushes. The colourful washing up brushes, scrubbers, nail and toilet brushes have ensured cleanliness from Mexico to Australia for many years now. Since recently, they can also be... Read More