“Companies Must Not Stagnate”

Myrzabek Orumbajew is the “toy boss” of Kyrgyzstan, but he does not have anything to do with toys. In his business, everything revolves around polony sausage, although he was originally a computer engineer. In an interview, the 33-year-old describes how he started off selling sandwiches and the path that led him to become the leading... Read More


Automation as the Key to New Markets

Abbada Company LLC operates mainly in the cultivation and processing of beans and fruit. Its founder, Kambar Maatkaziev, participated in the MP in 2015. He regards Germany as the gateway to the European markets, which he wants to supply. And he appreciates the highly developed German automation technology with the aid of which he is... Read More


Meerim Sydykova – Internet travel agency opened in Kyrgyzstan

Meerim Sydykova has worked in the travel industry since 2005. Her employer, travel agent Bilet, represents the second largest Russian airline in Kyrgyzstan, S7 Airlines. The company is currently expanding its range of services to offer package tours and tailor-made trips in addition to flights. Meerim Sydykova is responsible for developing these sectors. Sydykova applied... Read More


Ibarat Kurbanova – Small distribution company for dairy products with a bright future

Entrepreneur Ibarat Kurbanova came to Germany in autumn 2009 with the first Uzbek-Kyrgyzstani group. The dairy technologist from Bishkek had established her own cheese product distribution, TEIK Trade, just six months earlier. As many small dairies in the Kyrgyzstani province have few opportunities to market their products, Kurbanova gives them access to supermarkets and restaurants... Read More


Irina Amsayeva – German tyres for cars in Kyrgyzstan

Asia-Taers, one of the largest suppliers of car parts in Kyrgyzstan, has been present on the market since 1999. Its product range includes car tyres, engine oil and chemical agents. The company pays particular attention to product quality, and the company leadership is also keen to develop a qualified management team. Head of procurement, Irina... Read More