A programme with a long-term effect

Temirtau is the capital of the metallurgical industry in Kazakhstan. The city (Temirtau means "iron mountain") is home to Inkar-1, a mechanical engineering and metalworking business. The head of the firm, Kuandyk Nurpeissov, participated in the Manager Training Programme in 2012 − with considerable success: on the occasion of the tenth MP anniversary in Kazakhstan... Read More


Kazakh Mechanical Engineer Takes Advantage of German Know-how

“Germany is a global leader in mechanical engineering and metalworking. I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to visit German companies, gain new information and perhaps receive answers to my most urgent questions”, says Kuandyk Nurpeissov. The participation in the Manager Training Programme opened the Kazakh businessman's eyes to more efficient management of production and... Read More


Irina Matskevich – Energy savings in the Altai with German partners

What goes for Kazakhstan goes for Eastern Kazakhstan in particular. The province, which is located on the border with Russia, China and Mongolia has just five inhabitants per square kilometre - four times fewer than in Germany – and is hard to access because of the Altai mountains. The lengthy transport routes make energy extremely... Read More


Arman Dilmagambetov – Sales of medical hygiene articles increased

“The company the Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein selected for me to undertake my internship in was a perfect match,” says Arman Dilmagambetov from Kazakhstan. The economist is managing director at Sagat Pharm GmbH in Almaty, but at the time of his internship he specialised in the company’s manufacture and sale of medical disposable equipment. High growth potential... Read More