6,800 Kilometres from Bochum to Pune

Manisha Sanghavi is the managing director of one of the leading orthopaedic clinics in Asia. She rapidly got down to business during her time in Germany. Just two months after returning to her home country, the Indian implemented her cooperation aims and established an exchange programme for physiotherapy and hospital management students. This was possible... Read More


Research and Development Across Borders

Amol Bhardwaj first heard about the MP from a friend four years ago. At the time, he hardly had any overseas business contacts apart from two German suppliers, though they carried little weight. Bhardwaj’s expectations of the programme were modest: he wanted to meet with both companies in person and to also seek new technology... Read More


German Technology and Indian Know-How

“The programme brought me to Germany. And it continues to draw me back”, reports Ravindra Mahadeokar. He is a mechanical engineer and the managing director and owner of a small medium-sized Indian company that specialises in the production of automation technologies. Nashik. The 49-year-old entrepreneur’s first contact with Germany was at the end of 2011... Read More


Sandeep Mani Tripathi – German management style for an Indian company

“We are now better organised, more focused, and better prepared to fulfil our customers’ wishes,” says Sandeep Mani Tripathi of the changes he implemented in his company after participating in the Manager Training Programme. As founder and managing director of the Premium Group, Tripathi seized the opportunity to make use of his new knowledge and... Read More


Gautam Gosh – Solar energy for India prevails

Two key factors motivated Gautam Ghosh’s decision to apply for the Manager Training Programme: “I wanted to learn the latest management techniques and to do so in Germany because it is one of the leading countries in the renewable energies sector,” the executive director of Klystron Electronics Pvt. Ltd. says. His company is important for... Read More