A Solid Ride on German Chassis

Mingguang. As a business owner’s daughter, Ni Hongyan did not initially plan to work in the family firm. She became a teacher instead. In mid-2012 though, she decided to switch careers and join the board of the company owned by her family where, as a manager from the new generation, she was desperately needed to... Read More


Setting Up a Subsidiary in Germany

Yu Yajun had one clear goal when she applied to participate in the Manager Training Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (MP). She planned to establish a subsidiary of her firm Amate Technology in Germany. Therefore, she wanted to gather detailed information on the ground regarding the economic climate and investment conditions... Read More


Chuntao Xu – Company learning environment: aiming for intercultural management skills

The BMWi Manager Training Programme in the summer of 2009 was an important event for Chuntao Xu and her company. Through her training in Germany, Xu made contact with potential business partners and gained useful intercultural insights, which helped her understand why her company’s endeavours to develop business relations with Western companies had so far... Read More


Dr Congzhang Zhou – German-Chinese co-operation in the supply of drinking water leads to joint venture

Dr. Congzhang Zhou is General Director of the Beijing ASTK Technologie und Entwicklung GmbH. The Chinese water treatment specialist company has been active on the domestic market for many years now. In participating in the BMWi Manager Training Programme, Zhou aimed to learn about business culture in Germany. “The German experience in quality control and... Read More