Business with Germany

Programme phases

The Manager Training Programme comprises four phases. The working language is English (in exceptional cases Russian).

  1. Preparation for the visit to Germany takes place in the country of origin. During training sessions, the participants gain an insight into Germany as a business location, and acquire foreign trade and intercultural management expertise. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH works closely with the programme partners in the respective countries. An important aspect of preparation is detailed substantiation of a cooperation project. The participants receive support from the German side in this.
  2. The one-month practice-oriented advanced training in Germany is divided between management training and company visits, which the group undertakes together. Moreover, the opportunity also exists for one-on-one discussions with potential German business partners. The meetings serve to initiate cooperations, and should lay the groundwork for a long-term business partnership. The stay in Germany is organised and implemented by leading further training centres of the German business sector.
  3. Six to twelve months after their return, the participants attend a follow-up seminar in the country of origin. The alumni exchange experiences with support from GIZ experts. They report on changes within their own companies and on the cooperation projects with German companies. Moreover, the seminars offer the opportunity to obtain further training in current management issues.
  4. The alumni gain the opportunity to build up a network and to exchange knowledge. They act as the contact for the German business sector, and thus contribute to reinforcement and development of the economic relations with Germany.

Throughout the entire programme, participants are supported via the “Global Campus 21” internet portal. With this, they receive access to a network in which a total of over 13.070 executives from 19 countries are already active to date. The alumni are offered opportunities to plan joint business ventures through this medium.