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E-Mobility Made in Germany

[08.10.2019] An Indian MP group visited the company e. GO Mobile AG in Aachen in spring. This young start-up was founded in 2015 and has... Read More


Ice-cold Innovations

Everyone in Ukraine knows and loves Rud. Their frozen dairy and sorbet treats like the “Impreza” and “Eskimos” have cooled the taste buds of the... Read More


Logistic solutions for Mexican enterprises

[25.09.2019] Logistics determine the course when business transactions involving goods are to be concluded between two distant continents. An onsite visit to Transmaritim International GmbH... Read More


What it takes to be a good employer

[23.09.2019] UWT GmbH, one of the most employee-friendly enterprises in Germany, has already received numerous awards. During an on-site visit in spring, 19 executives from... Read More


A programme with a long-term effect

[18.09.2019] Temirtau is the capital of the metallurgical industry in Kazakhstan. The city (Temirtau means “iron mountain”) is home to Inkar-1, a mechanical engineering and... Read More
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